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The serene ambience inspires a love for reading. Information at the click of a finger tip invites the young users to delve into the magical world of words and the wealth of research material unavailable. Book reviews and reading sessions are conducted regularly exposing students to good written and reading skills. The reference library is fully computerized and houses over 5000 books that includes IIT , NEET reference ,etc., is a treasure trove of information that has been built assiduously over a span of more than 5 years and continues to grow each year.

Teachers Resource Centre

An IT enabled Resource Center provides support to keep pace with the dynamic nature of learning and pedagogy in education. The programs are organized regularly and learning communities provide classroom teachers with real opportunities for continuous professional development and research and growth. Continuous professional learning and learning communities within the school, provide teachers to regulate in service training to share contemporary pedagogical practices and acquire skills for facilitating learning to the 21st century digital native learner.