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Change will continue to be a constant factor. Knowing this our academic system is beyond traditional models and (will) remain relevant to innovative approaches. Futuristic education at ARB farther on four walls of the classrooms. Our academic system asses the learners not by their answers but by their questions. Virtual, liberation and excellence are the core of ARBIS academic frame.



Children of age 3 and above are admitted. Book-free, no homework, fun filled and baby friendly activities are the features of our pre-nursery. Specially designed think room activities and home teacher system make children to nurture good oral skills. Play-way methods, audio-video (smart board) outdoor activities make schooling delightful. To keep children active, healthy drinks are provided.

Junior & Senior Kindergarten

  • Specially designed and well equipped think rooms(classrooms) with conceptual artistic walls make learning joyful.
  • Collaborative system of home teacher for each section and well trained subject experts make strong academic foundation.
  • Tamil and Hindi languages(letter concept) introduced at Junior KG levels.
  • A blend of Play-way, Montessori and Phonetic applied teaching approach makes learning process easy.
  • Home fun with well-designed worksheets makes parent-child involved activities.


Our academics at primary level focus on conceptual and experimental learning which discourages rote learning. In grades I to III – Next education concept is adopted. Grade IV and V best private publications based on NCERT curriculum is followed.


  • Compulsory three language system
  • For Grade I & II most of the Saturdays are holidays.
  • Projects and worksheet based homeworks.
  • e-library and language labs.
  • Phonic trained teachers up to grade V.
  • Field trips and excursions.
  • Olympiad exam.


Secondary academic have been framed in a manner to give a strong base for Higher Secondary education especially in Science and Mathematics.


  • Class VI – X IIT, NEET FOUNDATION Classes by Andhra and Telangana faculty.
  • Extra reference book for Science and Mathematics in addition to NCERT
  • Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit and French are the optional language as second and third languages.
  • Olympiad and NTSE competitive exams.
  • Field trips and excursions.


At ARB, Senior Secondary academics guarantee admission in high professional courses in reputed institutions. In Science stream an integrated teaching system covering CBSE curriculum and JEE (IIT, NIT, CFIT& IISIR), NEET, AIMS & JIPMER entrance coaching by eminent faculty from Andhra & Telangana are provided.

In management stream along with CBSE curriculum CA, CMA & CS foundation entrance coaching is also taught by eminent chartered accountants from Coimbatore.




Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology / Computer Science, English


Economics, Accountancy, Business studies, Mathematics / Information practices, English